Our Vision

DeltaNovem S.A. (“D9”) is on track to become one of the first operational Licensed Producers and exporters of medical cannabis in Greece, an ideal, low-cost gateway to other markets in the EU that currently cannot service demand. As one of the world’s first to utilize GMP-certified greenhouse methods of production, in combination with unique grow techniques, premium land choice, and strong distribution channels, the company is uniquely positioned to supply EU and export markets with product of unparalleled quality and consistency at scale. The Greek medical cannabis legislative framework, passed in March 2018, is clearly defined, has received overwhelming governmental support from all major political parties, and improves upon the scaling and distribution hurdles seen in other markets. The company has already been granted a License-to-Build, developed a strong, conservative revenue model, a strategic GMP-based product line, and secured key suppliers and premium land. The D9 team is made up of individuals with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry and rare expertise in applying GMP/GDP standards to grow operations, with intimate knowledge of the legislative and operational environment surrounding medical cannabis in Greece and Europe. The founders’ unmatched access ensures that the company’s final application to become operational will pass approval and GMP certification. Taken together, this positions the Company to become a major presence in the European medical cannabis market.


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